Our Values

We have Fortitude & Patience

Meaningful change takes time. When it comes to crafting the right solution we prefer to ensure the problem is properly diagnosed. We want to make sure that we accumulate the data and insight to make the best decision with our client.

We have Authenticity & Integrity

We feel strongly about certain things – such as genuine inclusiveness – and go about our work accordingly. We deal honestly and fairly with our clients and bring genuine and sustainable positive change to their workplace landscapes. We treat one another with warmth and respect.

We have Curiosity and Drive

We aren’t afraid of the unknown, or of making mistakes along the way. We’re fuelled by curiosity and our drive to continue to learn and know more.

We also care a lot about being:

  • Up front: We’re approachable and we’re easy going. We tell it like it is. We’re willing to raise the difficult questions and won’t shirk from uncomfortable truths.
  • Rigorous: We don’t take things at face-value or go on hunches. Wherever possible, we won’t diagnose your problem until we’ve built a solid understanding based on hard and fast data. We also use data at the other end to assess the impact of our intervention and glean lessons for the future.
  • Future-facing: We have been given a solid training in a forward-facing, innovative approach and we see future-proofing as a defining aspect of our service. We view change as integral to progress. Standing still is a risk in itself.
  • Impactful: We’re very good at what we do. We’re about facilitating real and long-lasting positive change. We develop targeted, hard hitting, durable solutions. But we know that that’s only half the battle won – we also work alongside you to ensure that the necessary actions are implemented and sustained.
  • Equal: Our firm belief in equality extends to all aspects of our work. We run our own in a democratic manner. We work with all sizes and shapes of organisations and individuals and scale our fees accordingly. We approach our client relationships as partnerships. Because we recognise that everyone has something to offer, we’re good at connecting people for mutual benefit.